2020 Transformation

This initial 12 weeks is about giving you a solid foundation to your health and fitness. We want to educate you with the basics first…simple and effective.

What the package entails:-

Unlimited training allows you to come and try all our sessions, with numerous session times available to cater for work and family schedules and commitments (see our Timetable). Our programming is designed to improve your overall fitness, with a variety of conditioning methods implemented. A good program should be about pushing the body to its limits, giving it necessary stimulus for adaptation, and then just enough recovery to allow for some compensation before hitting that same system again.

All of our open group programs can be modified to suit everyone’s needs, within reason. The structure of your sessions will change every six – eight weeks…YOU get to master something different each period.

In addition to this option of UNLIMITED training, you will also be able to access a one on one personal training session. Here you can ask questions, work on any injuries or niggles you may have or be worried about, or progress with a movement or technique you might be struggling with.

And…because we want you to maximise your training results, we are also including an individualised nutrition program for your first 12 weeks. This includes meal plans that are macro and calorie controlled just for you and your goals (and includes foods you like to eat!), regular check-ins, part of our nutrition email group, and access to us for any questions or queries as you go. Basically we do all the work for you!

Simply put, without proper nutrition, your results will be limited.

This is your opportunity to be guided to results through simple and effective methods, and a chance for us to show you that training and nutrition shouldn’t be difficult or complicated.