Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own

– Bruce Lee

We look at quality over quantity.

Your body, when treated correctly and provided with stimuli in the correct way, adapts to the stressors provided to it when training. Want to get fitter, faster and stronger  Train your body with appropriate loads at the right times … intensity, volume and consistency.

The beauty of our programming is that our sessions are scalable to everyone that walks through our doors. If you are able to do our sessions as set (without needing to adjust any of the weights, reps or movements), perfect – you’re all set to go. However, doing a set workout is only to be celebrated if both the intensity of the session is preserved and quality of the movement is maintained. As always in our gym … we look at quality over quantity.

If you have had to have your sessions scaled, due to limitations like injuries, pregnancies or your fitness/strength level … just remember you are still getting the same intended stimuli from a workout as everyone else because it is scaled properly. Like most concepts in life, the more experience you get scaling sessions, the better you’ll be at it

Options for scaling a session at Fighting Fit are plentiful. Any part of our sessions can be scaled: reps, weights and movements. This comes down to each individual contacting the coach prior to the session. This will then be taken on board …

Please never hesitate to contact us prior to group sessions if you have any injuries, concerns or general questions.