Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Invest in the health of your staff.

Successful organisations value their employees and understand that their wellbeing is an essential component to their company’s success. Create a culture of health and wellness at your workplace with Fighting Fit’s Corporate Training and watch your team’s productivity and morale soar.


Fighting Fit.


What suits you?


Each sessions will run for 45 – 60 minutes.


$125 per session (10 or less people)
$150 per session (10 + people)

Fighting Fit can work with your company to offer a payment plan of salary sacrifice or have employers and employees share the cost. A win, win!


Our specialty has always been working within the business and corporate sector.

We understand how busy life gets and often your health and fitness is something that ends up on the back-burner. You focus on your career, building a business and providing for your family but then often forget to look after your most important asset which is YOU.

Because we understand your busy lifestyle we have developed a range of programs which are aimed at getting you fit, healthy and active with a minimum time investment. This does not mean it’s easy but it’s certainly more bang for your buck so to speak than a gym membership you rarely, if ever, use.

Companies that invest in corporate fitness training have a reduced staff turnover and happier, healthier, more productive staff who take less sick leave than their unfit colleagues. Corporate Fitness Training also improves teamwork and helps turn groups of individual workers into cohesive teams more focused on tackling the challenges as a collective.

Companies that provide staff with Fighting Fit’s Corporate Training benefit by:

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Reduced Workers Compensation premiums
  • Increased recruitment potential
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Strong sense of comradeship
  • Provide a set of future health indicators.

Fighting Fit’s Corporate Training include:

  • Two Group Personal training sessions a week.
  • Group boxing, Functional Style, Cardio, Strength workouts and much more that are fun, interactive, that promotes loads of energy.
  • Fighting Fit can provide Health & Psych talks on various topics, nutrition guidance and mentoring each and every individual.


Wear comfortable workout attire consisting of a t-shirt, shorts or tracksuit if preferred along with sturdy and supportive athletic footwear.


Water bottle, a positive attitude and a great big smile.


Tess Aisthorpe & Cara Bricknell – Get more than just a training session.


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