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Saturday’s are for crushing it with mates…GOOD TIMES & GREAT VIBES!

We believe by working as a whole…it creates more of that community & feeling of unity where everyone is working together, feeding off the energy of each other and motivating each other…

Until we are all finished, none of us are. WE ARE ALL IN THESE SESSIONS TOGETHER.

Suitable for all levels of fitness.

Fighting Fit


General Membership Weekly Prices:

Pay by the session $20

2 sessions $30
3 sessions $40
4 sessions $45
Unlimited $50
Students under 22yr $30 (unlimited weekly)

Teens 16yrs or under $10 (pay by the session)
School term $100

NOTE: You will be placed onto our Direct Debit system (unless special circumstances), please note DD can be placed on hold for a small fee or cancelled at no cost.

Where to Meet

Fighting Fit Australia.


Saturday @ 7.30am.

How Long

Each session will run for 60 – 90 minutes.


What to expect

These sessions traditionally consist of high energy, chipper style, bootcamp style training where everything is shared amongst a team or as an individual where “Every bitch & bloke” have the ability to defend for themselves.

Hands down this is an awesome way to start your weekend and the crew typically enjoy a coffee & breakfast date afterwards. 

Nervous for your first session? Bring a mate along. Don’t have a mate to bring? Don’t worry… you will after leaving Fighting Fit.

Come join us on a Saturday!

What to bring

Water bottle, a positive attitude and a great big smile.

What to wear

Wear comfortable workout attire consisting of a t-shirt, shorts or tracksuit if preferred, along with sturdy and supportive athletic footwear.

Coaches will join you!

Tess Aisthorpe & Cara Bricknell – Get more than just a training session.

How do I get started?

Simply call us on 0421 931 182 or email

What are you waiting for?

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