Bali 2018

Join us in 2018!

Experiencing the Bali culture is like nothing else. Everything here has meaning.

The Balinese people take their time with every action, conscious of every move, each direction & impact.

They are gentle, kind, beautiful souls & with good reason. No one wants to come back as bamboo …

Their culture is rich, full of meanings – from the names of their children to each ceremony celebrated. Everyone is responsible for their community & each contributes via what they have to offer, what role their title provides for, their abilities & age.

Things are always in motion in a Bali village, there is no time for idle hands & always with a smile. Here there is only purpose.

So unlike our own culture, where our sense of community has, for all intents & purpose, totally dissipated. Now we live individual lives, valuing our independence, connected closer via social media but more disconnected than ever.

Do we have our own purpose or do we rely on others or media to determine this? Are we living our life or vicariously through others?

There is a lot we could learn about living with purpose, of living as part of a community & valuing the connections & abilities of everyone.