What makes us different

my whole family…

Ok, maybe not all of them. They’re pretty to look at, but geez, like mustering cats sometimes.
Common sense does seem to be a fading quality these days. I hear more and more dumb questions from people, as though they’ve forgotten to think about the answer themselves, before they ask somebody else.
Without common sense, people take less responsibility for their actions – always looking to someone else to fix it, solve it or change it. Not stopping to think logically about how they could make an impact.
One thing for us is that we don’t bail our kids out instantly if they’re struggling with something. We give them a chance to solve it themselves, we encourage them to try again, even if we know it’s hard, and we are (hopefully) instilling confidence and resilience in their ability to use their brains and find solutions.
Developing common sense requires common sense. Think about it.