Can you use your mind to talk you into and out of sh*t?

Certainly can!!!

Can you use your mind to talk you into and out of sh*t

Certainly can!

We’ve had a rough couple of weeks sleep due to a few issues going on…just like everyone else in this world. Last night we only managed a couple hours of sleep … the easy option would have been to give ourselves a day off life … stuff doing anything today … lack of sleep will be our excuse. Let’s just be cranky sh*t’s all day and whinge to everyone how we didn’t get any sleep. Unfortunately, as we all know, life keeps going, whether we like it or not.

So, instead of running our usual cruisy 5km loop before work this morning … fuck it … let’s do 8km intervals instead … start work at 5.30am this morning, trained some awesome peeps, got some cleaning done, prepped everything at home then went back to the gym to train upper body before the next session … we contemplated talking ourselves out of it … and then thought … ’just f%*king do it’ … and ended up training for another hour!

The point to this post is if you only do sh*t when you’re motivated then you’ll completely lose yourself….you will not always be motivated. And what if you’re really never motivated…someone once told us that ‘motivation’ is fake and feeling good is rare and hard work, that it’s structure and resilience that gets sh*t done. Yep. We very much agree with this!

And so we ask you – Why wait for the perfect moment? While you’re overthinking or f*%k-arsing around, someone else is outworking you. You won’t always be the smartest, strongest, successful or most educated guru. What you can do is work damn hard and try and give your all to your chosen field.

Life’s bloody short … no time or day is any better than now … stop with the excuses and self sabotage … attitude determines outcome.