Everyone is on their own journey in life

Everyone is on their own journey in life

You’ve been training with the same group of people for awhile now – a few months or even a few years … so we’re wondering – how much do you know about each other?

All of our clients come to Fighting Fit with the focus on health & wellness but each of you are so very different.

Did you know that our sessions contain a diverse range of professions? Could you pick the lawyer? The financial planner? The Teacher? The police officer? The doctor?

Did you know that person next to you has completed the Big Red Run, competes in the Crossfit open every year or is training to run his/her first triathlon?

Everyone is on their own journey, some with greater struggles than others.

We pride ourselves on knowing our people & our people knowing each other. Everyone who comes down that ramp is not just another member, but part of our family, known to us not only by name but by their personal stories and history.

By sharing the experience with others in our gym also gives you a strong sense of connection. But is the pain really worth the gain … you say? Often one would think they are in agony until you look around the class thinking that you’re the only one that can’t handle it anymore and then someone gives you a quick smile and it motivates you to keep going. It’s like you’ve just done this horrible thing together and survived! You feel terrible at the time, but an hour later you get that endorphin rush.

With us a sense of belonging and connection is paramount. We want to share with you the connection to a team, how it feels to know they’ve got your back, a feeling like you’ve come home every day you step through our doors.

And we certainly want you to help us build a welcoming community within our gym walls.

So don’t just say hi tomorrow, ask a question, find out something new, or even offer your own story. It’s the little things that truly make a big difference.