Monday, Wednesday and Friday Classes

Monday, Wednesday & Friday Classes

Have you ever seen a boxer/kickboxer who wasn’t in incredible shape? Chances are, you haven’t. Our Monday, Wednesday and Friday sessions are full-body workouts that will push your body to the next level.

These sessions are designed to incorporate practically every muscle of the body. As you kick, your legs become incredibly strong. As you punch ?, your arms become sexier (no more tuck shop arms ladies!). And, as you grapple, your core builds strength.

You’ll get more out of these sessions by knowing the biomechanics of each movement, rather then throwing or kicking just for shits & giggles! … let’s get the most out of you while in this ‘skill building’ phase. Our current six to eight week phase will allow us to implement structure for everyone’s level of fitness and skill … this is why we need you to be patient and understand the importance of technique before flogging yourself senseless. Take advantage of this phase & pay attention, learn the technique so that you can push your body a bit further every week – you’ll notice your legs become stronger, you instinctively come up on your toes, hands are up protecting your face without a second thought. Without having to prompt on these little things repetitively, it allows your sessions to become more advanced, moving to greater physical challenges✔️

In saying this however, we don’t encourage you to come to the gym to cop a flogging everyday – it’s not healthy … it’s why we program the way we do. Lower intensity recovery days are not a bad thing … it keeps us stronger, happier and healthier. If we do too much HIIT or too much exercise volume our body’s become stressed out and we tend to burn out. If you are over 30 you will find a particular vulnerability to the stress hormone, cortisol …you’ll tend to gain weight…we do wish more people were aware of this.

As a coach, during instructional phases, we tend to talk A LOT …but it’s for good reason. Here’s a tip – if you’re like us and you don’t like to stand still for too long whilst listening to your next instruction … take the time to stretch (make sure you’re still listening!) Kill two birds with one stone ☄️

Our sessions are a great combat sport for self-defence. In boxing, you learn how to strike while standing, and MMA combines this stand-up fighting with ground fighting, and takedowns. We will teach you how to defend yourself in a real-life situation – although hoping you never end up in a pub brawl or street fight.

Here’s a video showing a sneak peek of the speed, power, stamina & intensity of this style of training & conditioning. We know you are all capable of this & so much more!