Are you flexible?

Are you flexible?

Working with both the physical and psychological components of our bodies, we understand the importance of always being flexible.

In terms of physicality, there are many benefits to flexibility, which include;

  • Improved muscle coordination
  • Improved posture through realigning tissue
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Improved performance
  • Decrease in lower back pain
  • Decrease in muscle soreness

It is important that we increase the range of motion around our joints, achieved through mobility practice & stretching. Having a limited range of motion in joints can often lead to pain, injury and poor overall performance. Without improving and maintaining flexibility, the muscles surrounding our joints can become shortened, altering the way these joints move.

Like all parts of our training, flexibility & mobility are integral to our overall performance. We will generally spend 10 – 15 minutes on the warm-up component, using active flexibility and dynamic stretch techniques, which are designed to warm the tissues up, increase circulation, improve the extensibility of soft tissue around joints, and increase neuromuscular efficiency. A dynamic warm-up involves performing movements similar to those included in our workout at a low level, then gradually increasing the speed and intensity as we warm-up. This is ‘prep’ for our session.

During your session, you will hear us encourage full-range of motion. This isn’t just about utilising proper technique, but also provides opportunity to improve flexibility. When learning new techniques or lifts, we work with lighter weights and move through full-range of motion, before loading the bar up or going heavy – this helps to ensure there is some level of flexibility in the utilised joints, tissue & surrounding muscles. For example, going to full depth on squats will help to build hip flexibility and allow you to lift heavier as your performance improves.

Following training, we recommend that everyone take time to stretch, using static techniques & myofascial release release techniques this will help lengthen muscles and keep them loose and relaxed. This also helps to reduce muscle soreness.

Grab a foam roller before your workout to help release muscle adhesions, and to prepare your muscles and body for movement; and post-workout to flush out toxins and waste products from exercise and help improve recovery.

Improving overall performance is a major benefit of flexibility, making everything easier as your joints are muscles are flexible and you expend less energy in motion.

In addition to the physical benefits, taking time to relax, recover and look after your body, offers positive effects towards your emotional and psychological wellbeing.