Caring is exhausting??

What makes us different …

It’s not about a lack of sleep that tires us out … we’ve got kids, like most parents we can function on very few forty winks.

Think about this – in just one day we can talk to at least 30+ people – and we care about every single one we generally know about their stresses and what’s going on in their worlds, so we ask how you are because you are valuable in our lives.

Honestly, this is the reason we get up everyday. We might be biased but we have THE BEST members. Even when we’re exhausted, you guys make it worthwhile.

It might be different if we didn’t give a shit, if it was just a job. But we can’t not ask, we do actually care and you aren’t clients, you’re family.

There’s always a laugh to be had, a smile to find and a funny moment to be shared. We love this and we wouldn’t want to miss it! At the end of the day, we get to share you with each other – if Cara wasn’t at the gym, she’ll still ask how you are and I’ll be able to tell her that’s how we roll – we’re in this together – that includes you!

We had some downtime yesterday. No work or training. Just us, catching up with each other. Sometimes it’s a struggle to get, but it can be just what you need – time. Now for us, it’s back to giving you the best for the best.