Create your own edge


Create your own edge

When I hear someone say … “Life’s so hard” … I am always tempted to say … “Compared to what?”.

We have confidence in knowing that our lives are extremely fair. Yep, it might seem hard at times, and we have our ups & downs, but we’re here, we’re alive & able to make a choice, to make mistakes & to succeed.

Are you someone that complains about how hard your life is? But do you ever think “Shit … maybe it’s just not about me?”

Next time you feel your life is so hard, think of those who don’t have the opportunity to make one at all. Think of those that didn’t make it. This is a reminder that we all need. And a wake up call to put our “shit” into perspective.

We all have our own journey, our own struggles. This is not what defines us. Next time you’re about to complain, take a moment to think if it’s really worth the wallow? Take some ownership of it – you still have the choice to make something more out of your life.

Your edge in life will be defined by your successes, not by how hard it was to get there.