Dogs don’t hold grudges

Dogs don’t hold grudges

For anyone that has a pet, in particular a dog (or more than one!), you’ll understand this post well. Dogs don’t hold grudges. They are loyal to a fault. And above all, they know how to love ❤️

We have two girls, Phoenix & Quinn. One an American Staffy & the other a Mini Dachshund. Big & small. Total chalk & cheese. One that would lick you to death & the other (the smallest!) our ‘fearsome protector’! But, even with their differences they still love & tolerate each other.

Dogs are an absolute asset for any family. They teach our boys so much – about loyalty, tolerance & unconditional love. Our girls have a profound love for our boys, they cannot shake their tails hard enough when they come home from school & can instantly calm & settle them when they are upset. Generally, wherever the boys are, Phoenix & Quinn are never far away.

Regardless of how our day has been, our girls are always sooo happy to see us, & their enthusiasm for our presence is infectious – we can’t help but smile with them!

A dogs love & loyalty is earned. You cannot be cruel & expect them to love you in return. This resonates with all our relationships. Give love & you will receive this in turn.