Get your festive on!

Get your festive on

Get your festive on!

Over the next six weeks as the festive season rolls around we would love to see you ENJOY as many sessions with us as you can. Then, we are giving you TWO full weeks off training in the gym, and we encourage you to take some down time, rest and actively recover and simply enjoy life before starting fresh in 2019.

A lot of us feel guilt and believe that we must be punished for eating something ‘bad’ or not getting a session in. We all know that feeling. You indulge in a second slice of Christmas cake or skip that long walk because you watched a movie with your family instead and you feel an instant wave of shame and regret. Maybe your resolve would be to hit the gym hard to make up for it?? F*#k that! You’ve worked hard all year…let your hair down people…it is the festive season.

The moment you see exercise as a punishment, is the moment it stops being effective. Treating a session as punishment for ‘naughty’ food or ‘bad’ behaviour, perpetuates a toxic and damaging relationship with exercise but it’s so easy to fall into this trap. We are constantly bombarded with irresponsible messages about fitness and food – ‘it takes x-many burpees to burn off half a block of chocolate!’ – so it’s no wonder so many of us feel burdened with this guilt. But it’s unsustainable, unhelpful and ineffective. Far too many of us get sucked into this negative spiral.

Feelings of guilt also lead to an accumulation of stress – which is going to increase the tension in your muscles, increase cortisol, increase your risk of injury and make training harder, leading to it feeling like even more of a chore.

Please people, we know you won’t sit on the couch for two weeks straight. There’ll be swimming, walking, chasing kids high on sugar, Boxing Day backyard cricket and family outings. All we ask is for you to enjoy it, see it as “active recovery” if you will, but be there, be present.

Life’s too short.