Have you got everything you need?

ripples change

Have you got everything you need?

Fuck off.

No one has it all.

Everyone has their own baggage, their own stresses and issues that generally can’t be seen from the outside.

Sometimes we need that extra push, that ear to listen, some guidance and a different perspective. A good friend is helpful but sometimes not quite enough. They will tell you what you want to hear, maybe not what you need to hear.

So, there are is a choice of professionals out there. The dilemma is this – which one to choose?

A counsellor? A life coach? A psychologist?

Sometimes it is a question of cost. Availability. Even a fear of being labelled for whom you seek help from. Sometimes it comes through recommended support.

We read and see so much social media promotions about goal setting and positive mind set coaching. Honestly, we weren’t 100% clear about what this is exactly. So, we did some research.

To the lay person, which at some point, we all are – positive mind setting  seems to be practised by the everyday Tom, Dick and Harry’s. Generally, these guys have had some ‘great life experience’ that has prompted them to become public speakers, develop and run workshops and tell people all about how great this was, and that everyone ‘should be doing it’.

That’s wonderful. No, really, that’s great.

For some people this is what they want to hear. Someone to give them an answer, tell them which path to follow and how to go and live their lives better.

Now, there is one little problem with this.

It also seems that if you lose your way, life becomes difficult once again, you hit some speed bumps … without your positive mind set coach, YOU must find the answer.

How do you do this if you’ve been living someone else’s life? Travelling someone else’s path?

We are marvellous creatures, us humans. We live. More importantly, we learn. Given the right guidance and support, we can find our own answers. However, we are susceptible to listening to advice that sounds appealing but may not always be right for us.

If you’re looking for this kind of support, the kind that will create sustainable life changes, you need to look a bit further than just mind setting. No one can ‘reset’ your thoughts or your mind. That shit is yours. It’s a great idea, but not very practical.

What we are talking about is what we believe in and how we have decided to live our own lives (yes, we’ve had our own experiences!!).

Your mind is yours, and you will have great thoughts, positive thoughts, as well as depressing ones, stressful ones and downright fucked-up ones. But they’re yours. No one can ‘fix’ them or convince you otherwise. Our brains are socialised to be negative, to be critical and judgemental, particularly of ourselves. Our brains develop this way from a very young age.

Do you remember your first test at school? Generally not. But somehow we grow up knowing that an ‘A’ is better than a ‘D’???

This shit has been happening since before we had formulated thoughts and memory. More importantly, before we had any control over our own lives.

Your mind is an amazing thing, but its cognitive capacity is determined by a number of different factors and variables. These include, but are in no way limited to; physical limitations and capacity, social/personal/familial environments, nutrition, psychological flexibility and challenges, genetic factors, stress levels and hormone imbalances.

Without knowledge about how our minds and body’s work in sync with each other, you will continue to cycle through the ups and downs of life without any control, feeling powerless to change your state of perceived helplessness, staying in your ‘rut’.

To be able to move forward with improving your overall physical, psychological and emotional, we are confident you will find what you need when you choose to engage with us … although this maybe not always be what you want 😉

T & C xx