Is it worth the worry?

Is it worth the worry?

Do you find yourself caring about other people’s problems, worrying about what others are thinking/doing, or comparing yourself all the time?

We have a ‘fuck it bucket’. Maybe you need one too?

Here’s how it works for us –

We are the most important thing in our lives – this encompasses ourselves, our kids, our family/friends/loved ones & our values.

It’s not that we don’t care about your issues or third world problems … we just elect to only to give a fuck about the things that are meaningful in our lives, to our lives.

As we always say … Really? Your life’s hard? Compared to what? So next time you might talk about someone else … think about it … is it really any of your concern … am I just causing myself more worry??

Maybe you need to throw that shit in your own ‘fuck it’ bucket.

Why give a fuck?? … because at the end of the day … we bet you … they don’t give a fuck about your issues/problems …

Life’s hard. It does suck a lot of the time. Find the things you value & choose to give your fucks more wisely.