Kidney Health Week

Get to know your kidneys now!!

Kidneys are so important that nature gave us two! Just incase one is damaged due to injury or illness, we can live a healthy life with only one, but … with no kidney function we can die in just a few days!

Our kidneys are vital to removing waste products and excess fluid from our body. For our body to work properly, it must have just the right amount of water & kidneys are the ones to remove excess or retain more when we need it.

Kidneys don’t get enough credit – they are crucial to our bodies daily function. When our kidneys are functioning ‘normally’, they make the important chemicals – hormones. Kidneys keep blood pressure under control, they balance our water levels, clean our blood, & activate Vitamin D production, vital for strong bones, muscles & overall health.

So it makes good sense to take care of our kidneys

Here are some ways you can do that!

  • Stop smoking
  • Eat wisely
  • Exercise regularly
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Limit alcohol intake
  • Enjoy life & it’s simple pleasures
  • Have blood pressure checked regularly
  • If you have diabetes, monitor blood glucose levels

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