Let go of the negativity, change your perspective

Let go of the negativity

Being able to overcome hardship, to cope with life’s adversity is not a skill, it is a necessity. Continuing to run away from problems and hurdles will only lead to further complications and bigger problems. Life sucks a lot of the time and you have to make it a priority to stick it out, to allow others to help you, to stand for yourself and push through life’s challenges … Why walk around with a chip on your shoulder … instead pull your head out of your arse and stop looking for self pity.

Evaluate your thinking … think of a difficult situation or frustration that you’re facing right now. Ask yourself is your thinking helping you? If the answer is no, then look for a bright side? What is one positive that could arise from this situation? Let go of the negativity, change your perspective. Now … does it improve your mood?

Nurture your relationships … surround yourself with people who persevere, and look after those important, valuable relationships. Make a list of the people you can truly rely upon when things get tough … we bet it’s a small list, remember you only need that one person … but everybody needs someone!

One step at a time … keep moving forward and make a plan to deal with your adversity. Set yourself a task to get through, make decisive actions on a regular basis. Don’t ever dwell on the past … it’s gone and it’s not going to help you, rather focus on the future and allow that to pull you through.

You are priority … go to bed earlier, improve your sleep, move your body often, get outdoors, fill your body with endorphins to feel good. Eat well and eat often. Look after yourself physically and you will find that your emotional state improves too.

Convert pain into personal value … understand that pain is only temporary and an opportunity to learn. We all have plenty of choices remind yourself of this fact in the face of adversity. Choice is the enemy of fear. When you have choices, you don’t feel trapped by your circumstances. Learning how to handle adversity is a skill that will protect you in the future physically and emotionally.

As Jane Fonda once said – “No Pain, No Gain”!