Let’s be realistic


Let’s be realistic

My body has carried 3 babies. My body has weighed more than I’d like to admit. My body has been mistreated over the years.

I don’t like to look in the mirror or hop on the scales. I have wobbly bits. I’m far from perfect. I like chocolate & eat foods that aren’t always ‘clean’, but do because they taste good.

Even so, I appreciate my body. I’ve learnt to love it’s capacity for strength, pain & resiliency.

I’ve also learnt that I am my harshest critic & the only opinion about myself that matters is my own.

I push myself & am always in awe of the strength of my mind when my body is ready to give up.

I do this for myself. I do this to be strong in both body & mind. It has taken me a long time to be ok with that & fight the urge to justify why I am important, why I deserve this.

Just like me, you deserve it too. It’s not time to give up, this time is yours.

C xx