Live your life for you!


Live your life for you!

People often ask us about our training and our food, so we thought we’d share a typical day in our life … it’s a bit more complicated than just training & eating mind you … if only it was that simple

Here’s a typical Monday

3am – up & at it
3.30am – Run & then get ready for work. Post Run – Shake (whey + berries/banana)
4.40am – Arrive at Gym
5am – Sessions commence
7am – 8.45am – Home & breakfast (mixed veggies, salmon or steak and egg ), home duties, washing, meal prep for the day, drop kids at school etc
8.45am – Back to gym where sessions commence
11am – Meal, Rye wrap with meat/salad/cheese

During the day we are generally busy with PT sessions, psychology clients, assessments, gym programming, usual admin, reports etc;

12pm – Meal, meat & veg
1.30pm – GBC Training;
2.30pm – Post Training, whey + cream + berries;
3pm – Pick kids up from school, drop offs to after school sport
3.30pm – Back to work for one of us
6pm – Home for one of us, household duties, homework, washing, prep for tomorrow, boys dinner
7pm – Home from work for the other and boys getting ready for bed
7.30pm – Meal, Salmon or Chicken & veges
8-9pm – Fall into bed …

Our new training cycle involves GBC Training 3-4 times a week, HIIT Training Twice a week (which includes loads of mobility, core specific and skill work) and it’s always a bonus if we get 3 runs in a week depending on our sleep pattern. We generally have 2 rest/recovery days a week depending on how we feel.

Our nutrition varies on alternate days depending on the times we are training … as it’s important to eat for what you’re about to do and then eat for what you have just done.

Everyone is different, they have different lifestyles & expectations & what works for one might not work for another. Being prepared for the day & week ahead are key to successfully getting through our work & training, & ensuring we are always ready for the kids activities & available when they need.

Your body type, metabolism & brain function are major factors when determining what training styles, meal prep & lifestyle choices you need to make to maximise your results.

We are thankful for those that make our lives possible, our wonderful nanny Mel & Zoe for making our early mornings possible. Otherwise one of us would have to quit and sure as hell neither of us are quitters!