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May 28, 2017 No Comments by Tess Aisthorpe

People often ask us about our training and our food, so we thought we’d share a typical day in our life…’s a bit more complicated than just training & eating mind you…if only it was that simple ?

Here’s a typical Monday:-

3am – up & at it;
3.30am – Run & then get ready for work;
Post Run – Shake (whey + berries/banana);
4.40am – Arrive at Gym;
5am – Sessions commence;
7am – 8.45am – Home & breakfast (mixed veggies, salmon or steak and egg ), home duties, washing, meal prep for the day, drop kids at school etc;
8.45am – Back to gym where sessions commence;
11am – Meal, Rye wrap with meat/salad/cheese

During the day we are generally busy with PT sessions, psychology clients, assessments, gym programming, usual admin, reports etc;

12pm – Meal, meat & veg;
1.30pm – GBC Training;
2.30pm – Post Training, whey + cream + berries;
3pm – Pick kids up from school, drop offs to after school sport;
3.30pm – Back to work for one of us;
6pm – Home for one of us, household duties, homework, washing, prep for tomorrow, boys dinner;
7pm – Home from work for the other and boys getting ready for bed;
7.30pm – Meal, Salmon or Chicken & veges;
8-9pm – Fall into bed…..?

Our new training cycle involves GBC Training 3-4 times a week, HIIT Training Twice a week (which includes loads of mobility, core specific and skill work) and it’s always a bonus if we get 3 runs in a week depending on our sleep pattern. We generally have 2 rest/recovery days a week depending on how we feel.

Our nutrition varies on alternate days depending on the times we are training…as it’s important to eat for what you’re about to do and then eat for what you have just done.

Everyone is different, they have different lifestyles & expectations & what works for one might not work for another. Being prepared for the day & week ahead are key to successfully getting through our work & training, & ensuring we are always ready for the kids activities & available when they need.

Your body type, metabolism & brain function are major factors when determining what training styles, meal prep & lifestyle choices you need to make to maximise your results.

We are thankful for those that make our lives possible, our wonderful nanny Mel & Zoe for making our early mornings possible. Otherwise one of us would have to quit ? and sure as hell neither of us are quitters!