Not Dead Yet

As long as you’re not dead …

There is no other reason not to move your body, to stretch, to walk, to exercise, to think positively about ourselves & our lives, to make good decisions, to push through challenges & never give up.

If you wake up each day & have the use of your arms, your legs & your brain, this is a good day.

Why waste it on negativity, regret & self-pity. I guarantee you that there are too many other people in this world who are not as lucky as us to wake up like this everyday.

Do you wonder about that?

When we do, we can stop our negative self-talk, reflect on our capabilities & maybe, just maybe, allow us to appreciate that although our lives may not be perfect (& never will be), we’re pretty f*ing lucky to be where we are.

Now take the time to stop & just have a think about this.