Put in a little effort

Put in a little effort

Put a little extra effort in the things you do with your family to create memorable bonds. Put all else aside, whether you are stressed over money, work is shit, you’re struggling with home life – spend time with your kids, your partner, and give them your full attention. You can scrap all concerns from your mind for the time being and just enjoy being together. This is time you can never repeat, choose wisely and make it count.

You can buy a child all the materialistic things in the world but your time and attention is the one thing a child will value most – well beyond their childhood. They grow out of toys and lose interest, but the bond you create through time will never be lost.

Teach your children the value in positivity and humour, to always look for the strength in themselves and importantly in others, and to always persevere.

An important rule in our home is to always treat others as you would like to be treated – which includes us as parents.

Be positive around your children, laugh at your mistakes, acknowledge your own weaknesses and identify ways of improving next time.

Don’t be afraid to be real around your children – this is where true growth comes from.

Bonding is done in many different way’s and there isn’t one that is right or wrong … whether it be going to the park, enjoying a movie together or going to the gym … these are all memories.

Every second Sunday is our Family Funday. We start our day by training together, passing on knowledge and sharing our passion for health and wellness with our boys. Always start with the fundamentals.

100m jog – 10 Shoulder Rotations – 5 Deadball Toss’s – 3 x Inchworm to Scorpion to Burpee – Calf Stretch

SESSION – E4MOM for 20minutes
300m Run
12 x Burpees onto weight plate
12 x Deadball Toss’s