Quality Breeds Success


Quality Breeds Success

Do you train at several gyms? Do you flutter from gym to gym, training here and there, and going with the flow for whichever gym your friends happen to be at? We like to call these people ‘freestylers’.

Some have agreed, and some have said that it shouldn’t be a problem, as freestylers should be allowed to take whatever they can from the different people that they train with. To each their own, we guess. The reason for this seemingly (exasperation) dilemma … is fixed in the fact that we believe that those who display freestyler traits are missing one of the core values of their health & fitness journey – “loyalty” – not only to a coach but to themselves. We feel that this may be linked to a person’s desire to “fit in” with their friends or do the ‘socially accepted’ thing and show no loyalty to one particular space. Whatever the reason, the inability of freestylers to be stable and secure with their choice of coach or facility may be directly impacting upon the results they are trying to achieve.

The mind is a powerful thing and it requires stability and structure to ensure maximum potential can be reached. Without this, we lack self confidence, direction and motivation. All essential components for our physical wellbeing.

It is difficult for coaches to see any individuals expectations of growth and development along their clients health & fitness journey when they are unable to stay in one place. As coaches we make huge investments of our time, dedication, commitment and heart in order to help our clients better themselves. To walk away from that would not only be quite offensive, but at times, feels like a waste of our time. A freestyler isn’t going to get very far. We use the term ‘freestyler’, but this doesn’t just apply to those of you that are athletes, but also to those who train for fitness alone, or for other reasons.

We have noticed a cycle. This usually begins with the freestyler being genuinely and whole-heartedly loyal to their gym, as any devoted human would. This period may last a few months, a few years, or perhaps a lifetime. However, we often see cases where the freestyler then becomes less active in training for one reason or another, and is then distracted by opportunities elsewhere because they didn’t speak up. They’ll be tempted by attractive aspects of other gyms, and then compare those with that of their own. They’ll look for holes in the training offered by their own gym. Perhaps they’re not getting enough clinching, or there aren’t enough suitable classes for them, or they’re simply bored with the routine. Once they’ve found those holes, they will then convince themselves that they would be better off elsewhere, and make a move. Many of them go on to brag about how superior it is at their new gyms, as a back-handed insult to the previous one, before often moving on to another one shortly after. Of course, we speak very generally…we cannot speak on a case by case basis. However, more often than not, those people want to return to their original gym at some point. The chances are that if you are one of these people, there is a possibility that your gym would rather let you go. That’s not to say that there would be any animosity surrounding the issue, or that you would be kicked out, but a coach will be much more willing to invest their time into building you if they know that you are fully dedicated to learning from them. Otherwise, it’s not quite worth it. Our doors are always open and in turn we want your full commitment always to get the best out of you.

If the gym at which you’re training isn’t right for you, by all means, seek training elsewhere. However, we would urge you to give it a good amount of consideration before you do so and to speak aloud to your coaches if unhappy. There may be genuine reasons for which you need to move on to another gym, or you might just be suffering from a slightly inflated ego, which leads you to believe that you somehow don’t need your gym anymore.

There could also be various occasions on which people have tried to convince you to train at other gyms, telling you that their gym is much better than yours for several reasons. There have also been times where you may have been less than optimistic about your own training, which is almost unavoidable when you do it every day. To our clients it’s simple. It’s loyalty, a value that unfortunately, often seems to be overlooked.

One of the great things about training in our gym is the family atmosphere that surrounds you when you’re with us. It’s always nice to feel part of something, and the bonds that form amongst the people in and around our gym are hard to forget for those that experience them.

You can’t build success on your own, and it’s important to remember those who have helped you to get to where you are. It’s not about who seems to be offering the best deal at a certain time, it’s about who has built you, coached you and supported you, and will continue to do so. We find that most experiences are always what you make of them.

If you put yourself into something with your whole heart, others will too … that is when you start to achieve.