Reality Check


Reality Check

There’s an analogy we love to refer to when people ask “How do we do it all?”

If you imagine that we are all climbing our own ‘mountain of life’. Sometimes the climb gets too much & we can’t see where the next hand or foot hole might be. Sometimes we need to stop & sit down. These are crucial moments. When we aren’t able to see the next move, someone else climbing their own mountain, maybe up a little higher than you, might be able to help you; point out how high to reach, encourage you to try, provide you with a new perspective perhaps.

If you have to stop, think about sitting on your mountain, imagine a summit has been reached & now you can see how far you have climbed & what you have accomplished.

This is how life is for us too. It’s not easy, damn it’s hard, bloody hard most of the time. But the climb, the help along the way & the summits reached, are well worth it. Sometimes we have to stop & rest, catch our breath & appreciate how far we have come.

We won’t lie. We’ve often felt like giving up.

But in the end, climbing the mountain has also given us a great reward. We’ve been able to help others who weren’t able to see any higher up their mountain, those who felt like giving up too.

Finding a space to sit with the knowledge that there will always be a ‘mountain of life’ is a constant work in progress. Some days are easier than others. Some days aren’t.

We were fortunate enough to stumble across each other. We’ve been able to help each other see  new ‘hand holds’ on our mountains, encouraged each other to keep going & have been able to climb our mountains alongside one another.

Together, we have created something unique. There is no fear in the climb.

If you’ve tried other facilities, trained with other coaches & still wondered why you haven’t seen the change you wanted or maintained motivation, stop asking yourself why & think about it.

There is a difference between a good coach & a great coach – & this difference is a fierce desire for YOU to be the best you can be.

We are two women who run complimentary businesses, share a passion for health & wellness, who are dedicated to providing real, genuine & unique services.

We understand the demands of being self employed, raising three amazing (yet challenging) boys, balancing the needs of one’s self & family, & dealing with the rollercoaster of life!

We will confidently say that we are the difference you need. For us, your success is a measure of ours.

T & C xx