What is it with the stereotypical theme in the fitness industry of “suck it up”, “go hard or go home”, “no pain – no gain”. There are too many fitness pros selling the idea of making your body and mind SUFFER as a good thing. Here’s a reality check for us all … educating people to make one suffer through “calorie restricted diets” and “smash ya self silly workouts” with the end result that if you do so, you are going to end up feeling stronger, happier & healthier and then just go on and enjoy life…think about that for a minute.

We end up feeling shit, burnt out and in many cases suffering from mental health issues such as anxiety & depression & a very screwed up relationship with our bodies, because the stereotypical method that was prescribed left us feeling more defeated than when we started.

It’s a simple process – let go of all the crap you’ve been taught that is holding you back and start with exactly what you want from your body, health and life!

We know it’s time to stop the never-ending cycle of “trying” to be stronger, happier and healthier, & let’s just BE there already … together!

If you know nothing about what we do, who we are, or what we stand for, know this one thing – we live our own lives with this philosophy – you can be stronger, happier & healthier by enjoying exercise, good food & enjoying life!!

So come & meet us, check out what we’re about & join us for free, unlimited training for our last week of 2017.