Take A Moment


Take A Moment

Time is free, but it is priceless …
You can’t own it, but you can use it
You can’t keep it, but you can spend it
Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back.
– Harvey Mackay

We often hear people reminisce about their children growing up too quickly, about not having enough hours in the day. Time does not slow down for us. Tomorrow will have the same number of hours as today, and the next day.

The decision is ours to use our time wisely, not to take this for granted, not to waste it. Life is there to be lived, to be experienced.

And then there is this moment. Now.

You were lead to this moment. All our failings, moments of shortcomings, every success and moments of enlightenment. Each one has propelled you forward, even those times when you felt yourself falter. Even those moments you stumbled and fell.

We’ve all had them. Moments we would rather forget, that we ‘wish’ we could change if we had the time over again. We know we have thought about this a lot. We have lived with regret – we live with regret.

Yet, we know that it is just another moment. A moment to ponder our choices, our decisions, and our direction. The “once in a lifetime” moments, that can lead to the change you may need.

Our advice – take time for every moment. That single one may be life changing ✔️

In the chaos and noise that is children and family, in the messiness of love, in the energy that is physical exercise and strength, in the challenges of relationships and communication, in the space of freedom and self choice, and in the silence.

Take a moment.
Time will not wait for you. Live while it lasts.

T&C xx