Taking a much needed break

Taking a much needed break

Now that Spring is here, and its buddy, Summer, just around the corner, it’s time to make use of the extended daylight to reboot your body.

This is of particular use for those who have noticed that their sleeping patterns have shifted, who spend too much time staring at technology devices before trying to doze off, those working late in offices, or running businesses and getting caught up in too much chaos to take a break.

Taking a long weekend and spending it away from the hustle and bustle of the city can be the key to undoing the damage caused to your body and mind.

Firstly, being outdoors, in the sunshine and hiking is known to reduce symptoms of depression and assist in alleviating anxiety. Couple that with undisturbed sleep under the stars, with no LED lights or vibrating devices, and you can reset your circadian rhythm, enjoying the benefits of naturally produced melatonin, helping you drift off to sleep …

Not to mention the importance of spending time with your loved ones without interruption. Walking and talking are key to strengthening relationships and a long weekend away can rekindle flames and improve emotional attachments by having to be ‘present’.

Back at home, practise a few daily routines to help maximise the health benefits of these glorious seasons;

  • Eat your lunch outside. Raise your Vitamin D levels by enjoying the sunshine while you munch.
  • Take a walk after work, or park further from the office so you have time in the afternoon sun before heading home.
  • Maintain a regular bedtime routine, one that helps you relax.
  • Switch off social media, emails and online news at least 90 mins before bed.
  • Have dinner or your last meal at least 80 mins before bed & try to limit water intake 60 mins pre-bed.

Our weekends away include the benefits of being able to access the outdoors without excuses, work pressures and procrastination. We enjoy a full nights sleep and exercise in nature’s wonderland, including hikes and outdoor training programs. With no rush, our minds and bodies relax, reaping the rewards of decreased cortisol and enhanced connection.

Contact us to find out more about our active weekend retreats coming soon …

P.s. Please don’t be offended if we don’t reply to messages or emails after hours – this is time we dedicate to being present with each other and our boys.