I guess a few thankyou’s would be a good place to start to these two crazy bitches – Cara and Dom…

Thanks for pushing me to do one more rep, even when I was supposed to stop 5 reps ago

Thanks for not letting me skip arm day. I don’t really need to elaborate here. Just don’t skip arm day and keep telling me my arms are looking bigger. Who doesn’t like a little ego boost?

Thanks for having a crack at my pre-trainer and allowing me to give you more than the recommended dosage, even though the label says to clearly not exceed that dosage. That was entertaining

Thanks for enduring a brutal workout with me to the point that we can’t get up off the floor at the end. Now that’s hardcore bitches.

Thanks for starting a 15 minute conversation during our run and then giving me grief because I sped up cause your story was shit, even though you know it’s your fault. Nothing wrong with a good heart to heart mid-run I suppose.

Thanks for making it ok to talk about why our arses are sore in public without thinking about how weird we sound to those around us.

Thanks for coping my sarcasm when your form goes to shit when you’re tired, thus helping you prevent injury and making you set your ego aside. I’m always going to beat you…even if it kills me trying.

Thanks for letting me get my nightclubbing moves out with my awesome playlist when we train.

Thanks for being faster and stronger than me, which in turn made me want to lift heavier and run faster to try and keep up.

Thanks for letting me bash you on your birthdays…nothing like 10k’s of rowing and Burpees … I know you both love it.

And thanks for letting me be your mentor so I can pass my knowledge down and for caring about my goals just as much as you care about your own. We’re in this together.

And one last big thanks … Thanks for the constant motivation, accountability, friendship and a slew of other things that have made me the person I am today.

Now enough of the sappy crap, let’s go undo all our hard work and have an awesome holiday! ?

Your fav chick in and out of the gym – Tess xx