The power of observation

The power of observation

Be quiet.
Listen for a moment.
Ok, shut up.

When you stop the noise, you can be surprised by what you observe. Noise distracts us from paying attention to our environment & those around us.

Without making our own noise, we can see the cues & clues that can increase our awareness & understanding of others.

What do we tell our children? “Look before you leap. Stop and think. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Maybe we need to practice what we preach more often.

The power of observation is so important in our industry as these clues tell us your secrets. We pay attention to the small details to know you all a bit better, to get the most out of you during a session, to challenge you, & support you when you’re ready to bail.

Don’t pretend you know how to do something, set your ego aside, don’t pretend you’re ok, don’t play dumb … we can see right through you!

It’s easy to become preoccupied with how we are being perceived by others, worrying about what people think about us, what others might be saying about us, how we are being judged – Why can he lift more than me? She’s so much fitter than I am. Why can’t I have arms like that? – . This is when we need to stop and remember “It’s not always about me”.

There is always more to our stories, but we can be so preoccupied with ourselves, talking about ourselves or to ourselves, that we don’t hear it …

What if … ?

That guy lifting heavier than you has been training for much longer than you & was an Australian champ, but is no longer able to compete after injury. This is as close as he gets now.

That woman running faster than you raises awareness & money by running marathons in aid of the cancer fund that supported her through the loss of her husband.

That chick with those masculine arms – she struggles with hormonal imbalances that cause havoc to her body – and desperately wants them to look more feminine.

Time to stop being a ‘prima donna’. Only when we overcome our own urge to be understood and accepted by everyone, will we be able to fully engage in the process of accepting and understanding others.

Listen a little more. Talk a little less. Start to see others for who they are & the value they add to your day will be priceless.

By observing, you will be more in tune with who other people truly are, what they think, what they value, how they really feel … sometimes without even having to ask a question!