Tired much?


Tired much?

Although we know it’s common for some to not eat for hours on end or skip meals, we have had several conversations with clients in the past few weeks about how this will lead to plateau’s in progress & feel that this is an important issue to address with you all.

So many will complain that regardless of their training efforts, they are not being able to shift that little bit of belly fat, that they struggle with feeling bloated, have niggling pains, or always seem to be carrying extra weight.

One of the first questions we ask is what do they eat on a daily basis. Not surprising to us is that they are not adequately fuelling their bodies for what they do – at the gym, at work & at home.

Life is demanding. Time is precious & there’s never enough of it. We know this too well.

Most people will run on next to nothing, even empty at times, pushing their bodies past starvation & into stress & expecting it to keep going. They get home & are left exhausted, irritable, impatient & far from the ‘contentment’ that they crave.

We also know how important health is to being the best version of you. Without this, that stress cycle just continues, unabated. It will eventually win – you become sick, have a breakdown at home, explode at your partner, become highly emotional & judgemental, are more sensitive to criticism, cop an injury, stop turning up to the gym & feel constantly tired.

What’s the point of exercise if your not fueling your body appropriately? Yeah you’ll get some endorphins & feel good for an hour or two, but in the long run you are just causing more stress to an already overworked body.

Want to know how to fuel your body, & how much & what to eat for what you do & for your body type? Organise an appointment with us today, to work out your specific needs.