Child friendly facilities & a full crèche service

Crèche Services

Kids love us to!!

We’re parents too, so we understand the challenges of maintaining a fitness routine while juggling the busy demands of parenting. And we also know that setting a good example for your kids is really important. Our Crèche provides the perfect solution!

Meet Teela! Teela is an expert at entertaining children of all ages. Our unique environment is equipped with interactive games, toys, crafts and more! Teela is completely dedicated to your little one’s safety and security and parents are free to check in on your little ones at any time.

Creche Hours

Monday – Friday
8:45am to 10:15am
Please note: Crèche cost is our service to you.


There is no age limit in the crèche but we ask that school age children bring something to occupy them as our activities mainly cater for younger children.

Babies- Toddlers

Babies and toddlers may require the following items:

  • Pram (Can be used as security, comfort or for sleeping)
  • Nappies
  • Wet ones
  • Special food – bottles or baby food
  • Spare pair of pants if toilet training (Staff are happy to also take your little one if they need to go)


Leaving a distressed child is hard for everyone but separation fears are a normal stage of a child’s development. It may help if your child has a favorite toy, teddy or rug to cuddle.

However, should your child not settle, rest assured we will advise you.


For the health of all children, please do not bring your child to the crèche if they are unwell, as they will not be admitted. Please do not hesitate to advise Teela if your child has any special medical requirements (e.g. Allergies or asthma).


Please bring something healthy for your little one to munch on. Lollies are not permitted in the crèche.

Contact Us or 0421 931 182.