What Drives You?

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What Drives You?

We spent almost the entire week feeling unmotivated to do anything, or was it because we didn’t have the energy of our boys to run off? One could say we moped around all weekend, slowly lifted our arses from bed, slowly shoveled whatever we wanted to into our mouths and avoided any productive task. Well it is the Easter holidays right?! Whatever!! We then remembered that only we could lift ourselves out of this slump. After all, we all have that energy reservoir just waiting to be tapped into!

Motivation is spoken about too much. It seems like twice a year there is someone who has the new secrets to motivation or inspiration that will forever keep us doing the things we want to do. We buy motivational books, read encouraging messages and look at inspirational pictures. Damn they’re motivating! We get excited! And then all of a sudden …“LOOK OUT … I AM MOTIVATED!” So, you do it for awhile …

Then you exit the door of motivation and realize nothing happened. You read everything about motivation … you know all there is about the thing, why isn’t it hitting you!?

You wake up the next morning extremely flat. You don’t want to get out of bed. You don’t see the point in moving on. You eat too much sugar and crash into immobility. You stop caring about your passion. Because you didn’t do anything.

You don’t need to read the book “50 Ways to Motivate Yourself” or look at pictures with exciting quotes or inspirational people. Simply put, you don’t need anything external to get motivated right now.

There’s nothing we can tell you about nutrition or your health that you don’t already know. You know your mind and body works better when it’s well fed, when you’ve done a session with us, and when you sleep well. You know what’s good for you. Just respect yourself.

There are an endless amount of ‘things’ that are waiting to grab on and suck the life straight out of you. You need to decimate them at every turn. Sometimes they come in the form of shitty people, sometimes they come as failures, sometimes they are something as sneaky as the absence of action.

If you still aren’t motivated or feeling energised then it’s probably time to switch things up. Your helplessness to get enthused about a certain thing could mean that it is not the right thing for you.

The most important thing you can learn to do is trust yourself.

There have been points in our lives where we have felt everything had dried up completely. We couldn’t muster any excitement for certain relationships. After trying all possible ways of getting excited and still feeling numb about where we were at … it became obvious that it was time for us to make a change.

It’s the scariest thing in the world to change your life in a dramatic way for no real “reason” other than you’re not “feeling” it anymore. People may judge you harshly. You may judge you harshly. But if you learn to trust in it, that voice inside your head will take you to the places in life that matter most.

Every time we’ve listened and jumped out of our comfort zone, we’ve been rewarded generously with awesome experiences, genuine people, and an infusion of energy that doesn’t come by following what others thought we should be doing.

Listen to yourself. Observe your motivation. When are you most motivated? Which people in your life inspire you the most? What activities excite you the most? Watch intently, notice and support your motivation in any way you can.

The only person who can ever take your drive away from you, is you.

T&C xx