What makes us different

What makes us different

Over our time we have met some pretty awesome people in our professions & some pretty shit ones to. Some would say our professions are very ego driven, some would say we are stereotypical, some would say that we are replaceable.

Yes there is some sense in that but what really does make us different…Our ego is driven by you bettering yourself & in turn that makes us feel complete, we are far from stereotypical & yes we can be replaced but our charisma cannot. We are what you need, not what you want. Do you really want to be told what you want to hear? Or should you be told what you need to hear…the truth??

We are 100% committed to the outcome of your requirements. Our sessions & adventures are highly scheduled & defined. We have a philosophy & a grounded principle that oversees your physical and psychological needs. Other people in our profession can also be equally effective but from a different perspective. More often than not, others will provide a service that works for their client & will help bring the client closer to their wants but may or may not achieve the level of success that the client actually needs.

Why can we talk about this? Because, we are genuine in what we do & that makes us pretty decent coaches ??? ♀️If you are reading this – then you are ready to make a move in your life that will bring about a new of way living. We are here to help YOU on the path to living a healthier life, we will help YOU seek a level that you may not have hoped to achieve & will keep you on the straight & narrow in terms of your wants.

However on the other hand – this is more like a marriage between souls – we will utilise every technique & implement all strategies to make YOU a better person. Coaching has always been an integral part of our life. Listening to a members’ needs, understanding their anxieties & fears, & communicating effectively, are paramount to helping you change behaviours of any kind.

We know that each one of YOU have the power within…to achieve all YOUR needs, & with the right direction & coaching YOU will! We take pride in joining you on your journey, sometimes picking you up when you fall, & always keeping you accountable.

What makes us different, is the knowledge & acceptance that one day, our specific assistance for physical or psychological health may not be required, but the relationship we have forged remains, with long-lasting friendships & ongoing partnerships.

To all our current and past members, your feedback is as valuable to us as is your presence. We would love to hear from you.

To all our future clients, come on – challenge us.

T & C xx