Commit to stay fit this winter


Commit to stay fit this winter

Find a wingman

Having a buddy to train with means you are more likely to exercise regularly — if you don’t show up, you let yourself down as well as your mate. Most people find motivation from others, and are less likely to quit when training with someone else. There is also the added advantage of the learning you will give and receive with someone else. People unconsciously gravitate towards the behaviour of those around them, even if you’re not aware of that. Who you exercise with matters.

Positive Thinking

Think positive because if you go into a lift or you look up the hill you are about to smash with a ‘I can’t do this’ mindset, your chances of success are significantly lower. Mind is everything, if you don’t believe you can do something, then you can’t, it is as simple as that.


Everyone has been fixated with the clean eating philosophy for a reason. No matter how hard you train you will not become fitter, faster or leaner if your diet isn’t correct for your body or is full of the wrong foods with minimal nutrient value. Ensure your diet is high in nutrients and is right for your body.

Each to their own

Everyone is different, there is no ‘perfect’ one size fits all nutrition or training program. Learn what your body requires – are you dairy intolerant? How much protein is right for you? Training is the same, everyone has a different posture, weak areas and goals. Training needs to incorporate fixing postural issues, strengthening your weakness while being tailored to achieving your personal goals.

Correct technique is essential

Quality over quantity is important to get the most out of your training. My advice is to work with one of the team here at Fighting Fit who can build your confidence on the gym floor and ensure you are doing everything correctly. It’s better to get out 5 perfect reps then 50 poor ones.

Rest & Recovery

Without adequate rest (mentally), sleep (7-8 hours) and recovery (from training) our bodies cannot build muscle, function efficiently to burn fat as fuel and give us the energy we need to lead an active life.

We should not reward ourselves with food

We are not dogs and should not reward ourselves with food. Who does not love food? Get creative in the kitchen making super flavorsome meals.  Having a ‘treat’ creates links in your brain that can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food. Eat everything in moderation.

Think of your workouts as important meetings

Think of your workouts as important meetings you have scheduled with yourself, bosses don’t cancel!! Consistency and commitment is key, have your workouts as a fixed part of your week.

If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you

Our bodies are AMAZING!! As you train your body it will quickly adapt and what was hard becomes easier. If you keep lifting the same weight, running at the same speed or doing the same routine your body will not change.  Your routine needs to change with your increasing fitness.