Fighting Fit Kid’s

Commencing 11th January 2016

Fighting Fit Kids

Fighting Fit Kid’s


What to expect

All activities performed aim to increase each child’s understanding and involvement in physical activity, focusing on the development of fundamental motor skills such as catching, throwing, jumping, running as well as increased cardio vascular fitness through games, including challenges both for the individual and through team work and much much more. At Fighting Fit we can also educate on your child about healthy eating.


Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday at 3.30pm.
6 to 10 year olds.

What to wear

Wear comfortable workout attire consisting of a t-shirt, shorts or tracksuit if preferred along with sturdy and supportive athletic footwear.

What to bring

Water bottle, a positive attitude and a great big smile.


All sessions will be run by our qualified instructor Luke Betros.

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