Teen Fit Toowoomba

January 23, 2021 No Comments by Tess Aisthorpe

Fighting Fit Teens

Take time between study and school to clear the mind, catch up with friends, and get active!

A place for teens to socialise in small groups whilst doing something active and fun. Fighting Fit Teens is tailored to suit any level of fitness plus we also offer students advice relating to health, well being and nutrition.

Finding classes for teenagers in Toowoomba that they can not only enjoy but actually get excited about too can prove to be difficult, but it’s not impossible with us by their side.


Fighting Fit Toowoomba.


Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday at 4pm.
12 to 16 year olds.


Each sessions will run for 45 – 60 minutes.


  • $20 PER WEEK
  • 1 Teen – $100 School Term
  • 2 Teens – $150 School Term
  • 3 Teens – $200 School Term


A holistic fitness program, not just a gym workout.

A place for teens to socialise in small groups whilst doing something active and fun!

We want to make a difference to the lives of our young ones so we are providing the opportunity for every teenager to improve their fitness, health and lifestyle through our Fighting Fit Teens program.

These fully supervised sessions are aimed to introduce and teach teenagers the benefits of exercise and fitness training with correct techniques, in a supervised, safe and fun environment.

Teens will learn about warming up, warming down and precise training methods. Regarding the use of weights, it is very important that growing bodies do not lift weights incorrectly or weights that are too heavy for their body mass. Participants will be instructed in the correct use of any equipment at Fighting Fit Australia.

We have found that teenagers can use this activity to enhance participation in their current sport, as an aid to fitness between sporting seasons, or for those individuals who do not participate in a regular sporting activity.

Teen Fit is tailored to suit any level of fitness. We are also able to offer students advice relating to health and well being, such as nutrition.


Wear comfortable workout attire consisting of a t-shirt, shorts or tracksuit if preferred along with sturdy and supportive athletic footwear.


Water bottle, a positive attitude and a great big smile.


All sessions will be run by our energetic qualified instructor Eli Slyderink or Liam Calvert.


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