Training under fatigue

Training Under Fatigue

You will see psychological benefits from pressing past your physical limits. When we learn to withstand fatigue and push through something difficult, it gives us confidence. It’s empowering and shows us that we can do more than we likely thought we could.

One common way to experience training through fatigue is to stack workouts/exercises on top of each other. We are talking about workouts/exercises in which you perform a certain type of movement, like a floor press, and then do another movement that uses complementary muscles, like pullups, immediately afterward, which forces your body to adapt quickly.

When training under fatigue the ultimate goal is to focus on your form to improve your performance and ultimately reduce your risk of injury. Form always has to come first, and if you’re going too hard or too fast to keep it in check, then you need to slow the fuck down!

After a heavy load of Floor Press’s and Pullups why not try this mini stack …

12min EMOM
1st Minute – 18 Snatch’s
2nd Minute – 18 Wall Balls
REST 2mins
12min EMOM
1st Minute – 12 HR Pushups
2nd Minute – 12 Box Jumps