You all know our amazing Liam …

You all know our amazing Liam …

You all know our amazing Liam, you see him in the gym, you hear him encourage you (sometimes yell), & you might even train with him. And we are sure you would all agree with us when we say that he is an absolute asset.

We have been honoured to watch Liam grow from a gangly, lanky 11 year old into the young man we all see today. Liam displays a level of maturity that some men take decades to develop, and his willingness to learn and listen continues to astound us.

This is not an easy industry to work in. The early hours and long days are exhausting. Throughout his traineeship, Liam always “shows up” and even when he’s buggered, he’s still off to school after morning sessions end and back to train in the afternoon and work through the evening.

This is a credit to his loyalty and dedication.

We couldn’t be prouder of him and we are truly honoured that he has hung in there!