Lunchbox dilemmas

Lunchbox Dilemmas

Now that we’re all back to work & the kids are back to school, let’s take a look at taking the stress out of school lunches.

You don’t have to be Nigella Lawson or Jamie Oliver to make your kids lunchbox pleasing, or to create something that’s tasty & filling. Our kids generally consume one third of their daily food intake at school, so we all understand how important a good lunch is!

Here’s the dilemma – everyone is busy, there are after school activities that go until dark, some kids are fussy or food sensitive, & working parents hardly get enough time to cook dinner let alone prepare a decent lunchbox that the kids will actually eat.

So, how do we make this lunchbox thing a bit easier? Well, here are our tips to creating a lunchbox success!

  • Keep food easy to eat, easy to unpack & convenient (if you can’t open their containers, how will they??);
  • Healthy is the best options, include different fruits, vegetables & snacks each day:
  • Variety – kids get bored so easily, so keep it interesting at lunch, have a variety of pre-prepared snack ideas (that your child would eat) in the freezer ready to go.

The healthier choices in their lunchbox will keep them fueled for longer…kids need good food to help them concentrate & focus for an entire school day, as well as having energy to burn at playtimes!

Junk food, treats & sweets only give them a quick hit of energy & then sap their sparkle, leading to cranky little monsters (aka the amply named ‘Cookie Monster’…) that you have to recharge every afternoon before they speak. Not to mention that sugar wrecks the immune system, letting nasty viruses & bugs in.

The most important one for us is PREP – being prepared takes all the stress out of coming up with ideas at the 11th hour – you can just grab & go!

Give your kids the best chance to learn & absorb knowledge at school by fuelling their bodies & minds right everyday

There is help out there if you’re really stuck … check out FB or Instagram for lunchbox ideas & even quick, easy snack recipes.