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Clean living from the inside out



Working in conjunction with Fighting Fit Australia.

A new Healthy Eating Service. No Mess, No Fuss.

For many years Sherry McDowell has wanted to provide a service to the community which offers home style well balanced and healthy cooked meals for all the family. The meals had to be affordable and convenient to the consumer. Sherry could never really pin point how she would go about making her dream  a reality.

Fighting Fit’s Lean & Clean program was able to give Sherry not only the opportunity to provide, nutritionally well balanced meals to all members of the Lean & Clean Program but it also gives us a launching pad to offer meals to all members of their families.

All ingredients, products and produce will be sourced locally, if you know of anyone that has Free Range eggs, Fresh Chemical Free Vegetables or other produce let me know, We are all about putting back into our local economy and community.

Currently meals need to be pre-ordered and submitted via email to rawasinsideout@gmail.com eventually being able to select from a variety of meals from the shop which will be opening in September at the Uni Plaza.

To find out more, simply contact Sherry McDowell on 0422 174 961.