Take care of your body


Take care of your body

Calorie or macro counting seems to be the ‘in-thing’ at the moment. There are calorie deficit plans that have you eating 1300 calories a day, or allow you to eat whatever you want at the end of the day after you’ve counted all your macros …

To us, we have started to question whether our society is actually learning anything about healthy living, nutrition & eating for what we do.

These new fads are scary. They are calorie or nutrient deficient & they draw people in because they offer ‘fast, dramatic weight loss!’

What happened to “Knowledge is power”… ? Even with all the information about nutrition, how important fuelling your body is, the difference between weight loss & fat loss, eating for what you do … we seem to continue to make stupid choices to achieve some goal weight or to be thin.

Guaranteed you will lose weight, but for example at 1300 calories a day – your body will only be concerned about surviving – you will lose muscle mass, your metabolism will be disrupted & your body will go into shock. As you begin to eat normally again, you will find it harder to put on muscle as your cortisol levels will remain heightened.

This is not what we preach but there are too many gyms & pt’s in town that do. It’s dangerous & a huge risk to a person’s long term health. The short term fix they offer can have long term consequences but they certainly won’t tell you that.

Learn to take care of your body & it will reward & benefit you – now & in the future, when you’ll really need it.