Build Explosive Strength and Power today!

Build explosive strength and power today

Build Explosive Strength and Power Today

Building power at Fighting Fit means moving weight quickly and efficiently to recruit the maximum number of motor units before fatigue sets in.

Before adding power exercises into your routine such as Olympic lifts, it’s crucial to nail down proper form and technique. Because these exercises are so quick and explosive … they require the body to produce and absorb a tremendous amount of force; that could translate to a higher chance of injury. To master proper form and avoid injury, these lifts should be performed with light weight for a high volume of reps before adding any sort of substantial load as with any movement that requires lifting weight.

Your body is a pro at adapting to different workout stimuli. Performing steady and controlled movements week after week leads to plateaus in size and strength. Explosive exercises like box jumps and olympic lifts can be a welcome change to the old school workout of 10-12 reps. Not only will power moves help to break up boredom … they’ll also boost you to more results. Explosive exercises are crucial for increasing muscle fiber recruitment—that is how much of your muscle is engaged during an exercise. By increasing the number of fibers used during a particular exercise, lifters can load up with more weight and hit more muscle fibers leading to greater changes in growth.

When it comes to building serious power and explosiveness, there are unlimited options. Here’s one we prepared earlier

In 30m Minutes with a partner complete:
Thrusters – Box Jumps – Burpees Over Bar
20 Reps @ 55/35kg
30 Reps @ 50/30kg
40 Reps @ 45/25kg
50 Reps @ 40/25kg
Max Calorie Rows in remainder of time …

*Idea is to complete 5 reps alternating until you hit 20 Reps total of: Thrusters THEN Box Jumps THEN Burpees Over Bar.
**Repeat for 30,40,50 decreasing weight each round.