Turkish Getups


Turkish Getups

We highly recommend incorporating Turkish Get-ups into your training program. The Get-up is a highly functional movement that requires all the muscles of the body working together in order to accomplish the task.

The Get-up isn’t a single movement but multiple motions woven together, incorporating all three planes of movement. Holding a weight overhead challenges your core throughout the entire exercise, which must fire continuously to keep your torso upright as you bend, twist and lunge.

In addition to building strength, Get-ups increase your overall body stability, awareness, balance, and coordination. Very few exercises can boast so many benefits.

We incorporated Get-ups into our session today.

10 Rnds of:
10 Floor Press
10 Ring Rows
2 Turkish Getups
Run 100m after every second round.

Work with a partner. Be wise at choosing your particular weight … be sure to set yourself up comfortably and to challenge yourself without losing form.