Why team work?

Why team work?

Joining a team can keep you motivated, hold you accountable and help you develop a sense of group camaraderie.

Human beings are social creatures. Yes, a few of us are hermits and recluses, but the majority love to be around other people. We love to laugh, joke and have fun. I feel this is one of the greatest services we offer within our group training setting. Nothing brings people closer quite like misery and physical suffering … and with one of our trainers there to light a fire under your bum, it can’t get any better!

Many people sign up with us to become stronger, happier and healthier and along the way make friends through their mutual ritual. Many of us become lifelong mates. Our members not only work hard together, but they play hard together. Christmas Parties, Adventure Trips or Obstacle races … if you are training with us, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. We sincerely enjoy one another’s company. It’s truly one of the best ways to meet likeminded people and develop a common bond while getting into the best shape possible.

If you work out with people who are fitter, faster or stronger than you, chances are you are going to get fitter, faster and stronger. There’s an old saying that goes, “The lead dog sets the pace for the rest of the pack.” Think about it. Not only are you more motivated when training with others but there’s the motivation to improve your current fitness level. Many of us will show up exhausted from the ups and downs of everyday life. But once we are amongst our group, you’ll feel that buzz.

Try one of our Saturday sessions! They are all about teamwork fun, and suffering together. Our Saturday programs feature a wide variety of combat, military and functional movements.

Grab a team mate and get started today.

Check out this little 90min beauty from Saturday:-

Break up however you like:-
25 calories on assault bike – arms only
25 calories on assault bike – legs only
50 Box Jumps or 100 Stepups
100 Knees on bag
200 Bicep Curls
200 Kicks on bag
200 Tricep Extensions
800 metre farmers carry (min 24/16kg)
2500 metre row