End of Year Happenings at Fighting Fit Australia – What’s next?

October 7, 2014 No Comments by Tess Aisthorpe

A journey

What is on offer at Fighting Fit?

Weekend Warrior – 29th and 30th November 2014

Do you have some pretty awesome people that share the same passions as you in life? Why not spend a weekend away on the coast by participating in our Weekend Warrior Health and Wellness camp that focuses on three main pillars; Exercise, Nutrition & Mental Health. This is achieved through Goal Setting & having plenty of down time to relax and focus on yourself and where you want to go in life.


Why not sign up to Hybrid Bootcamp commencing 27th October 2014

If you are looking for something extra you do not want to miss out on our next specialised program. Why not finish of the year with a bang with Kettlebells and Boxing combined. Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5.15am and 5.30pm, 75 minute sessions.


Personal Training – it is all about you

Transform your body with our personal training sessions one on one or with a group of friends at a time that suits you to ensure you get the best personalised advice from our expert team here at Fighting Fit. Training sessions are varied to focus on different areas including resistance, endurance, cardiovascular, flexibility, core and much much more. Come and have a chat to me if you’d like to form a group, or are keen to join one!


Open Group Sessions

These have been the foundation of our training programs for some time now.  If these prove popular then we will continue to add to our open group programs. These sessions give you amazing variety to ensure you don’t get bored and you don’t plateau. Sessions include, Boxing & Conditioning, Ladies Only, and Functional Fitness. All sessions are run by my highly motivated team.

Sessions are $20 casually, $250 for a 20 class pass or $150 for a 10 class pass. Should you do 5 or more sessions a week, there is the option of going onto our Direct Debit system at $60 a week for unlimited Open Group Training sessions, should you choose this option please do not hesitate to contact me for a direct debit form. There will be two extra sessions added Tuesday and Thursday @ 5.30am leading up until Christmas time.

https://www.fightingfit.net.au/open-group-training/ Direct Debit Form 

12 Days of Christmas

The fat man’s on his way!! As the festively plump season approaches, why not burn a few extra calories off before the Christmas pud arrives. 12 days of our HIIT methods for $150. Sign up now to secure your spot for 12 Days of varied hardcore, high intensity, interval training, commencing Monday 8th December and finishing up on Saturday 20th December 2014.


info@fightingfit.net.au or 0421 931 182 for further information