From the back of the pack

From the back of the pack …

For the majority of our Grand Italian Adventure, this was our view. Being at the back of the pack has some incredible advantages & watching everyone overcome their own challenges is one of these.

From back here, not only do we have an incredible view that we stop to take in every chance we get (the WOW factor is very important for us!), but we are also privileged to share in moments of strength & courage that you might miss being at the front of the pack.

This is where the magic happens for us – finding the strength you think you’ve lost, or the will to continue.

Here is where we are faced with all the psychological barriers that begin to overrun our minds with thoughts of weakness, of giving up & giving in. Yes, physically, it hurts. Yes, your body aches. Yes, your mind tells you to quit.

But they don’t. Each & every one always finds that little bit extra, their feet keep moving forward & gradually they begin to realise that even though every climb has a descent (or another 500m!), there is always an end.

And at the end is where we find accomplishment & wonder in our ability to persevere.

It is the same for us back here too. It’s exhausting to walk at a pace that is much slower than yours, changing your gait to stay in rhythm with someone else, listening to self doubt & fear, having to put your own thoughts at the back of your mind to focus on what each individual needs. But this is our job, to make sure you get to the end (even though we might honestly fantasise about throwing you off a cliff….we never would!).

You’ve never been challenged if you’ve never felt uncomfortable & questioned your resolve.