Exercise can be such a great metaphor for life

Exercise can be such a great metaphor for life

When the exercise gets too heavy and hard then the room for error becomes small. We put ourselves at risk of increased injury, & fatigue can hit us if we’re not careful. Rest is vital but beware of becoming stagnant …

Same as with life – when it becomes too hard we can begin to risk our relationships, start to lose who we are, & we forget to slow down, to value & reflect, & most importantly, we can forget to keep looking ahead, to continue the living …

Sometimes, those two simple words; “Keep Going” or “Rest” are often all you need to recommit and get yourself back on track. Both in the gym & in life.

We’re here to remind you in the gym, & you’ve probably heard us say “Have a rest day”, “Don’t come in tomorrow, go for a walk” or even yell at you “Keep it up!”, “Don’t stop yet!”

Learning to balance the rest with the continuance is key to reaching your full potential. Even truer in life. Rest when it’s needed, slow down & push that little bit further at times when you feel you can’t go on.

But we’re not there for that – that’s up to you.

If you want to become healthier & stronger, both physically & mentally? Or how about that new job you’ve been chasing for so long? Have you thought about taking that next step but hesitated, faltered & stopped?

Ask yourself – what am I doing? Am I resting too long? Is it time to keep going?

Remember each day you have a chance to move closer to what you want. That’s absolutely up to you, no one else is responsible.

Focus on each step and Keep Going or enjoy that Rest!