We believe in guiding people through the physical motions

It is our job to push, and cue, and direct you.

But we believe that it is also important to get your mindset on point. If you keep on working at it, keep on building good habits, you’ll get better. You may feel inadequate at times, but keep showing up and you’ll get better and better at it.

We love seeing those that always put in a little more then they have to. Don’t forget why you’re doing this in the first place. Just getting out of bed isn’t enough, don’t be content with the minimum. Put in that little bit extra everyday. Push yourself a little bit further every session.

Respect the process, the grit and the hardwork. Always find inspiration rather than intimidation in others, and use that to spark the motivation within yourself. Work hard … and never give in. And then some day you will reach that full potential. Guaranteed. And it will be because you refuse to compromise, or give in, or just be the ‘same same’.

Hardwork is a collection of many moves done over and over and over! Patience and practice = small victories which provide a cumulative effect! Don’t quit, don’t cheat on yourself and watch how quickly you become stronger, happier and healthier. This rule applies to any task in life. Go on, dig in!