And your reason is?

What is your reason?

Here at Fighting Fit, we know that there are 4 types of members.

Generally, everyone signs up initially to get fit and to exercise.

Why they stay is for different reasons …

  • To continue their fitness & because they love training hard. These guys LOVE to train. They push themselves past their limits most days, or go that extra mile to get the most of their session. They might sweat a lot, end up red in the face, or even make some interesting noises … but they work bloody hard!
  • For the continued social connections; they get to train with their friends! These clients are usually kept accountable by their mates, they pick each other up on the way in, always partner up, talk about when they are coming in next, schedule coffee or breaky for after a session, and genuinely enjoy the time spent with their gym buddies. We do know that these guys love to chat … even during boxing!!
  • To clear their mind. Exercise releases endorphins and makes us feel better – yes! These members know that by scheduling in their daily exercise, whether morning, afternoon or evening, they have a routine to continue looking after their health & minds. This helps with alleviating psychological stress & providing clarity, can give them a non-verbal ‘debrief’ after a bad day, is a great mood booster & adds much needed energy.
  • Those that come for their fitness & stay for their mates. These guys have that little competitive streak that we love, that drives them to push themselves & each other. They love training hard, right next to each other, fighting to get up that ramp the quickest, or giving a push to challenge their PB’s or weights. Not always talking a lot during a session, they’ll often stop for a coffee out the front & a quick catch up before they’re off for their day – calling out “See you tomorrow!”

Whether you initially come for your fitness, your friends or your mind, we often find that our members will stay for all these reasons. The training style at Fighting Fit is designed to allow everyone to maximise their strengths & the vibe from our family in the gym is like no other.

We know you & what you come for & we know what you need from every session!! Do you?