Hybrid Bootcamp

Commencing Tuesday 22nd April 2014

What is Hybrid Bootcamp?

Hybrid Bootcamp is a six week intense fitness program utilising Russian Kettlebells combined with Boxing and conditioning work to give you an unrivaled fitness workout. The first week will see a revision of both Kettlebell and Boxing techniques as we throw you into a 75 minute intense session, three times a week. If you put in the effort, lift to your maximum and don’t take short cuts then there is no program out there that can match the Hybrid Bootcamp.

What will Kettlebell Training do for you?

Everyone can benefit from a regular Kettlebell workout: from those who just want to look and feel good, to elite athletes of all kinds. Primarily a Kettlebell workout will develop your all-important body core – back, hips and trunk. You’ll also burn calories at an amazing rate and exercise your cardiovascular system.

Why Boxing?

Boxing training provides participants with self-confidence, muscular endurance and toning, and let’s be honest … sometimes it just feels good to hit something. Boxing training compliments the Kettlebell Workout to ensure you maintain a calorie burn for longer.


Monday, Wednesday & Friday @ 5am.